Comunidade News/O Jornal da Comunidade de Brasileiros nos Estados Unidos: “Evento na Pace University discute oportunidades no Brasil”

Dr. Claudia Green, Associate Professor of Management and Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management (pictured in green jacket at podium), has led over 250 Pace students and faculty on 10 field studies to Brazil since 2000. She spearheaded the Pace “Brazil Day 2011” event as a prelude to her 11th study abroad trip to the largest country in South America.

According to Dr. Green, as reported by Comunidade News, highlights of the Spring Break ’11 study abroad trip will include:

“Este ano, os grupos se encontram com o diretor internacional de marketing da Petrobrás, conhecem uma famosa designer de jóias e um projeto comunitário em uma favela carioca.”

Extended Translation: “This year, the group of Pace students will meet with Izeusse Braga, international director of marketing for Petrobrás {Brazilian energy giant}, as well as Carlos Sobral, a Rio-based global designer of sustainable jewelry and the Rio ‘s Director of Planning for the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics 2016. In addition, the students will participate in several community-based projects in Paraty, Ilha Grande and in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.”

“BRAZIL DAY 2011”  was celebrated on Pace’s NYC Campus on February 4, and its stellar guest speakers caught the attention of Comunidade News, a weekly publication which covers (in Portuguese) Brazilian news from around the country.