“Glee” (FOX TV): “Inside the Actors Studio” and The Actors Studio Drama School Incorporated into April 17 Episode – Finn’s Coming to Pace!

Ryan Murphy and the cast incorporated “Inside the Actors Studio,” Bravo and, most important, our school, into a development toward which “Glee” has been building since its first day. At the climax of an episode in which the show’s principals, facing graduation, shared their post-graduate dreams, the final holdout was Finn, who was wrestling with uncertainty about following Rachel to New York. After fifty minutes of music and drama, a scene occurred in which “Glee” reached a significant milestone in Finn’s and Rachel’s – and the series’ – history. As millions of young people in the “Glee” audience watched, “Inside the Actors Studio” and The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University became an organic part of the “Glee” story!

Here’s what TV critics had to say in their Glee “Saturday Night Glee-ver” Recap: Figuring Out Post Graduation Plans which aired April 17, and included a shout-out to both the Inside the Actors Studio and indirectly by association The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University:

From Jen Chaney’s Celebritology blog in The Washington Post:

Finn to decide that he wants to go to New York with Rachel and take classes at the Actors Studio. Yes, the same one from “Inside the Actors Studio” with James Lipton, a show on which, coincidentally, the “Glee” cast recently appeared. (I can’t wait to hear Finn Hudson eventually tell us what he’d like to hear God say when he arrives at the pearly gates.)

Denise Martin wrote in  TV GUIDE:
First he {Finn} sings “More Than a Woman” and then he tells Rachel he’s applied to what he calls that school that James Lipton hosts on Bravo, Inside the Actors Studio (better known as the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University). 
Jeff Dodge, BuddyTV  recapped:
I’m Gonna Be An Actor
After leading on “More Than a Woman” in the choir room, Finn tells Rachel that he knows what he wants to do next year. He ended up identifying with John Travolta’s Tony from Saturday Night Fever. He decides that he wants to go to New York with Rachel, has applied to James Lipton’s Inside the Actors Studio (a nice nod to the fact that the Glee cast were featured in an episode of that show last week). It’s his dream to become an actor, though it comes out of left field because we’ve never seen him have an interest in acting … ever. But you know what? If that’s what he wants to do, I applaud him for finally making a decision regarding his future.
From Becky Kirsch of BuzzSugar:

Rachel and Finn recover from their fight about the future, but Finn’s still having serious doubts about whether or not he can make it in the real world as anything other than a competitive eater. He’s basically convinced that he peaked in high school, but all it takes is one magical viewing of Saturday Night Fever to make him realize his dream of going inside the actors studio. He tells Rachel that he’s ready to go to New York with her, and struts around to “Stayin’ Alive” to show off his newfound confidence.

Lucy Ann Lance Business Insider, 1290 WLBY, Ann Arbor – Tuesday, April 3, 2012 – Kara Marie Rosella, The Actors Studio Drama School MFA in Acting Candidate

From College Gymnast to Off-Broadway Actress. Kara Marie Rosella discusses her incredible three-year journey at The Actors Studio Drama School, James Lipton and how what she’s learned as an athlete transfers over to being an actress.

Ann Arbor Native & UM Gymnast Stars Off-Broadway:  Kara Marie Rosella, Actress – After receiving her BA in English with an emphasis in screenwriting from The University of Michigan, where she was also a scholarship athlete on the Women’s Gymnastics team, Kara Marie is now graduating from The Actors Studio Drama School in NYC with a Masters in Fine Arts in Acting.  Later this month she will appear Off-Broadway in the play, Orange Flower Water.

Click here, then scroll down to listen to Kara Marie’s 20-minute live radio interview with Lucy Ann Lance.  


MTV – “The Truth Behind James Franco’s ‘Inside The Actors Studio’ Frenzy”

Did James Franco really cause a near-riot recently during a taping of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio”?

Reports suggested hundreds showed up for the taping but were rejected and that girls in the audience were so loud host James Lipton had to stop the interview and ask for quiet.

“The report was accurate. It was bedlam,” said Lipton. “But it said I stopped the show and told the audience to behave. Like hell I did! I was the happiest person in the house. We had a great time together.”

Lipton told us that in the nearly two decades since he’s been conducting his “Actors Studio” interviews, he’d never witnessed such a commotion. That becomes even more impressive when you consider how many Hollywood celebs Lipton has hosted — everyone from Johnny Depp to Daniel Radcliffe.

Days after Franco’s appearance on the show, news broke that the 32-year-old actor had been tapped to host the Oscars alongside Anne Hathaway. After getting to know Franco during their lengthy interview, Lipton is certain he’ll do great.

“It’s a slam dunk,” he said. “He’s very clever. He’s got four master’s degrees, and he just signed up for his Ph.D. at Yale. He’s very funny.”

‘It was bedlam,’ host James Lipton confirms to MTV News –

http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1653364/20101201/story.jhtml and

Highlights of the evening included Franco discussing his most memorable roles: 

Aron Ralston in 127 Hours – http://www.bravotv.com/inside-the-actors-studio/videos/james-franco-127-hours

Saul Silver in Pineapple Expresshttp://www.bravotv.com/inside-the-actors-studio/videos/james-franco-pineapple-express

Scott Smith in Milkhttp://www.bravotv.com/inside-the-actors-studio/videos/james-franco-milk