The Star-Ledger: “Mentors offer unique career support”

Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, director of entrepreneurship at Pace University, offers the following guidance on managing the mentor relationship:

“Do some research before seeking a mentor — to help find an appropriate candidate and to be able to ask that person to serve as a mentor in a meaningful way.

“Once you have a mentor, be sure to demonstrate that you value the relationship and are taking affirmative action (i.e. not just saying “thanks” regularly, but really letting the mentor know the efforts are worthwhile).

“Always try to find ways to reciprocate — to demonstrate your gratitude and commitment. Little things that may be of assistance to the mentor can go a long way.”

If you are lucky, you have the good fortune to have people step forward to become mentors and sponsors. If you are strategic, however, you won’t leave that to chance but will seek out the right mentors and sponsors and will earn their support. 

Learn more about how “Mentors offer unique career support” in this article appearing in New Jersey’s largest newspaper and quoting Professor Bachenheimer, the inspiration behind Pace’s budding entrepreneurs.