MSNBC’s Your Business – Bruce Bachenheimer – Tips to Better Your Business

“Too often entrepreneurs mix up passion and persistence with arrogance and they need to step back and listen,” advised Bruce Bachenheimer, Pace’s Director of Entrepreneurship, on a December 15 segment of MSNBC’s Your Business.

Tips to help you better your business, provided by Bruce Bachenheimer on MSNBC’s Your Business (December 15):

  • Entrepreneurs are optimists by nature – and that’s good. But what they really have to do is put themselves in their customer’s shoes.
  • It’s difficult but entrepreneurs need to ask themselves: What do my customers really want? What are they really willing to pay for my products or services?  What do they honestly think of me, my brand, my products?   
  • Social media is a great way to get close to the customer.  Listen carefully.  Don’t be defensive or dismissive; be as objective and analytical as possible.
  • With technology in particular, the most important thing is to get your product out there. Then be prepared to refine it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

MSNBC’s Your Business Casts Professor Bachenheimer as Small Business Tech Panelist

The Sunday, October 24 show featuring Professor Bruce Bachenheimer was “one of the highest rated shows in Your Business history” according to a Facebook post made by host JJ Ramberg.

MSNBC’s Your Business is the only TV show dedicated to issues affecting small business owners. It airs Sunday mornings at 7:30 ET.

Pace’s director of entrepreneurship, Bruce Bachenheimer, appeared as a panelist on the October 24th show, discussing “Business Answers: Software Development & Back-Up Services.”  Click here to listen and learn –