1010 WINS, CBS New York: “The Bottom Line with New York City Small Business Services Commissioner Robert Walsh”

Pace’s new Entrepreneurship Lab in a New York City minute …
Small Business Services Commissioner Robert W. Walsh spoke about Pace’s new space for sharing new business ideas in his March 7th radio broadcast. Commissioner Walsh attended the E-Lab’s opening reception on February 16.

New York City Small Business Commissioner Robert W. Walsh promoted Pace’s new Entrepreneurship Lab in his “The Bottom Line” radio broadcast on March 7 on 1010 WINS, CBS New York.

Read a transcript of Commissioner Walsh’s remarks below or listen to his words by clicking here.  

I’m Rob Walsh.  One New York City university is helping students get in business.  On today’s Bottom Line.

When you put smart people together in a room, the sparks will fly.

That’s why Pace University in Lower Manhattan is creating the Entrepreneurship Lab – a space for students, faculty, and staff to learn from each other and share new business ideas.

It’s a way for students to get a leg up on the entrepreneurial mindset from day one.

And it’s right next to the Pace Small Business Development Center – so students who cook up good ideas have the resources to make a solid business plan, too.

For more information about the business development programs at Pace, go to www.pace.edu

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I’m Rob Walsh, Small Business Services Commissioner, for 1010 WINS.