NY Daily News: “Former U.S. Open ball boy makes great Bollywood lead in ‘When Harry Tries to Marry'”

Two years ago, Rahul Rai was working as a U.S. Open ball boy (three years running!) and dancing with the Bollywood Performance Arts school. Fate served him the opportunity of a lifetime, however, after director Nayan Padrai saw the troupe perform and cast the Pace student as the lead in his new movie “When Harry Tries to Marry.”

 “I don’t know what he {Director Nayan Padrai} saw … but the ball started to roll,” says Rahul Rai, 20, who had no acting experience beyond a couple of commercials he’d done as a kid. “I was just in the right place at the right time, and it changed my whole plan.”

Perhaps Padrai recognized the striking similarities between Rai and his character, Harry, a Indian-American college student scarred by his parents’ divorce who opts for an arranged marriage instead of dating in New York City.  Naturally, things get complicated when he starts falling for one of his longtime friends, and ­hilarity ensues.

“He’s very structured,” explains Rai. “He has this rule book in his mind that he always has to follow, and if anything deviates from that rule book, he freaks out.”

The Pace sophomore shares that methodical mentality. He’s majoring in math, with minors in acting and physics (“I’m a little crazy,” he admits) just in case the whole movie star dream falls through.

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