Prof. Katen Challenges Readers to Press Institutions and Governments for End to Middle East Conflict

Pace University Professor Joan Katen has published a book, “Love at the Edge,” that tells a love story of people from rival nations in the Middle East.

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“Love at the Edge” puts love to the test in the face of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict

PLEASANTVILLE, NY, November 16, 2009 – Pace University Professor Joan Katen has published a book, “Love at the Edge,” that tells a love story of people from rival nations in the Middle East.

The mere mention of the Middle East typically conjures up thoughts of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and the hate and violence that have destroyed homes, families, lives and nations.

Katen creates a contrast between these struggles and the prevailing strength of love.

Katen is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies and specializes in Middle East Politics. She has served as the Regional Vice President of United Nations Association.

“Love at the Edge” tells of young lovers in the midst of the hate from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. David, an Israeli man and Yasmeen, a Palestinian woman, are university students from different worlds who both decide to study abroad in Paris. Despite their prejudices they are instantly attracted. When they find themselves in danger they are forced to forget their biases in order to survive.

The book is written with an easy-to-read fluidity –what aren’t so easy to read are the accounts of horrific violence that occur in characters’ home countries. The book is told from the perspective of David, and begins in disaster. Hate and senseless violence are introduced in the first chapter.

On Wednesday, December 2 at 6:15 p.m. Katen will give a talk and sign her book in the Mortola Library at Pace University, Pleasantville, 861 Bedford Road, entrance 2.

An end to impasse? “I wrote “Love at the Edge” because I have studied and taught about the Middle East Conflict for many years, beginning with my graduate school experience at Columbia University and the Middle East Institute there,” said Katen. “Hearing more and more about the violence and how it affected children on both sides I felt I had to do something. I believe I have shown how both sides suffer, and yet how people can reconcile their differences and work together if they open their hearts to one another.” “Perhaps the novel will spur readers to push governments to find a solution,” adds Katen. “I based the novel in reality. Most of the things that happen in the novel actually happened. This Palestinian/Israeli conflict seems to have a ripple effect, and it adds to unrest in many areas around the world.” Although the book is characterized as fiction, it is based on true accounts from the conflict in the Middle East.

By writing this love story, Katen aims to “encourage the American public to press for an end to the tragic impasse that has stolen the futures of bright young Arabs and Israelis.”

“Love at the Edge” is published by iUniverse ( and available at and Barnes & ( List price is $19.95, 320 pages, ISBN-10: 1440164533, ISBN-13: 978-1440164538.

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