Investor’s Business Daily: “Plan To Refresh Resolutions”

Your New Year’s resolution seemed solid. Now it’s February and you’ve lost your motivation. Refresh.

By now, many of us have abandoned, or at least downgraded, our expectations for what we will do to change our lives in 2012.

Amy Alexander,  writing for Investor’s Business Daily, sought tips from goal-setting experts such as Pace’s Dr. Richard Shadick on how to reframe, or possibly even leverage, the slump that can happen in February when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

Get smart. “Most resolutions go awry because people do not think through what it takes to reach a goal,” said psychologist Richard Shadick, director of Pace University’s Counseling Center in New York City. “Instead of telling yourself ‘I am going to lose weight and be healthy next year,’ it is better to say ‘I will lose 5 pounds by March 15th by walking for 20 minutes three days a week and no longer drinking soda.'”

Get additional insight on how you can get back on track by clicking here to read the entire article.

The New Yorker blog, Investor’s Business Daily and others: “IBM’s Watson Aims Far Beyond ‘Jeopardy’ Matchup”

Professor Darren Hayes is quoted in multiple articles about a Jeopardy game show which tests man against machine (IBM’S Watson supercomputer). Hayes showcases his knowledge of homeland security and computer forensics.

From the Investor’s Business Daily ( article:

Darren Hayes, computer information systems program chairman at New York’s Pace University, adds national defense to the list. Hayes is not connected with IBM or Watson, but based on his expertise in computer forensics and homeland security, he says the technology could significantly assist in that arena.

“The focus (on homeland security) has been on information gathering — license plates, credit card transactions, Internet activity, flight manifests, telephone records, bank transactions, and so on — for millions of people. Synthesizing those terabytes of information is tremendously challenging,” Hayes said, adding that Watson can pull together these vast amounts of data much faster than earlier technology.

Hayes’ knowledge and expertise was also used in The New Yorker blog, and the Seattle Weekly blog.

Since December, Hayes has been sought after by multiple media, from CNN and Fox News to Government Executive Magazine, for views on other topics including the security of federal computer systems and Wikileaks.

Check out Pace’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems here.

Professor Jean Coppola’s Class Featured in Investor’s Business Daily

Associate professor of computer science and information systems at Pace University in New York City was quoted in an Investor’s Business Daily article.

Read about Professor Jean Coppola’s class in Investor’s Business Daily, a national newspaper:

The great majority of Americans surf the Internet, including 70% of the 50-to-64 age group, says the Pew Research Center.

But one age demographic still lags. Only 38% of the 65-and-over crowd go online.

That can change, says Jean Coppola, associate professor of computer science and information systems at Pace University in New York City. Computer use has huge benefits for older users, she says.

“It helps them cognitively. It keeps them mentally stimulated. It’s a brain exercise,” said Coppola, who teaches “Intergenerational Computing” at the school.

Every week undergraduate students team up one-on-one with what some feel are their adopted grandparents through an intergenerational computing program.  Students’ along with seniors’ attitudes change toward each other with serendipitous strong bonds developing during this service-learning experience.