“Lubin School, AIBA to Offer Compliance & Regulatory Certificate”

Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and the Association of International Bank Auditors have teamed up to offer a Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCRP™) certificate program for professionals working in the global financial services industry. reports that the Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCRP™) program will be the first course offered in the Lubin School’s new Center for Global Governance, Reporting and Regulation, which will focus on international accounting standards and corporate management.

“The complexity of world markets and diverse political systems means managing international business activities is both more important and more difficult than ever,” said Neil S. Braun, dean of the Lubin School of Business and a former president of the NBC Television Network and CEO of Viacom Entertainment. “It has become evident that planning and execution are as important in matters of risk management and regulatory compliance as they are in the traditional business disciplines. The CCRP™ will provide the analytical framework to enhance management’s ability to anticipate and address a fast changing and increasingly regulated world with specific focus on the international banking industry.”

CCRP™ classes begin Jan. 19, 2012. Course details and registration information are available here.