Photo Flash: “Week Four Scenes -The Actors Studio Drama School 2012 MFA Repertory Season”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Week Four of The Actors Studio Drama School’s 2012 MFA Repertory Season brings scenes from THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE (a young actress who has sworn off love gets stuck entertaining a soldier on leave), ORANGE FLOWER WATER (infidelity and the consequences of a romantic affair) and RED LIGHT WINTER (college buddies take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle). Free admission. Reservations: (212) 501-2099;

The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University’s 2012 MFA Repertory Season (April 18 – 21) presents:  Scenes from the THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE, ORANGE FLOWER WATER, and RED LIGHT WINTER.
We have a peek at the production photos from all shows here!
Scenes from THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE (pictured), a romantic comedy by John William Van Druten dealing with the challenges of the single life in New York City during World War II.  Sally Middleton (Rachael Schefrin) is a young and struggling actress. She agrees to a date with Bill Page (Peter Marciano), a soldier on a weekend pass, after he’s stood up by her worldly friend, Olive. When Bill has a problem getting a hotel room, he ends up spending the weekend with Sally at her apartment. Both have to fight temptation as they become attracted to one another. Directed by Chris Triebel.
Scenes from ORANGE FLOWER WATER by Craig Wright tells the story of two ordinary married couples David (Daniel J. O’Brien) and Cathy (Kaitlyn Huczko) Larson and Brad (Jake Cullens) and Beth (Kara Marie Rosella) Youngquist who live with their children in the relatively peaceful town of Pine City, Minnesota. After years of maintaining a platonic friendship, David and Beth begin an adulterous affair with disastrous consequences. Directed by Colleen Britt.
A scene from RED LIGHT WINTER by Adam Rapp. A Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2006, this is the story of two 30-year-old college buddies who are vacationing together in Amsterdam.  Davis (Adam Petherbridge) is a successful editor while Matt (Lash Dooley) is a gifted but struggling playwright. Christina (Sarah Anne Miles) is a beautiful yet mysterious prostitute from The Red Light District. When Matt buys the services of Christina as a gift for Davis, all three lives will change forever. Directed by Ken Urso
Further details:  The 24-hour reservation line is: (212) 501-2099 and email is Free admission.
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The Broadsheet Daily: “The Repertory Season at Pace University”

The Broadsheet Daily is Lower Manhattan’s daily newspaper covering Downtown news, people, places and events, including the five-week Actors Studio Drama School’s MFA Repertory Season.

The Broadsheet Daily has promoted The Actors Studio Drama School’s 2012 MFA Repertory Season weekly to the Lower Manhattan community in its online event coverage.

(Pictured) Here’s a scene from Week Three “Brilliant Traces” by Cindy Lou Johnson. Directed by Chris Triebel, performed by Amie Lytle and Ollie Oliver. Photo credit:

The Repertory Season at Pace University
The Actors Studio Drama School presents its annual Repertory Season at Pace University, in five weeks of theatre designed to introduce our graduating students to the professional world and the public in fully-professional productions of the work they have created during their three years of study. Here you will witness a weekly series of scenes, one-act plays and full-length plays, some of them written by our playwrights, and all of them directed by our directors and acted by our actors. Free. Reservations recommended; call (212) 501-2099 or email: Through April 28. Wed-Fri 8pm. Sat 3pm & 8pm.

Downtown Express: “Pace’s Actors Studio stages its annual repertory season”

One of the interesting things about the repertory season is the opportunity to watch the actors and directors work on several plays and scenes. Week Three (April 11 – 14) brings scenes from “Topdog/Underdog” by Suzan-Lori Parks, “Brilliant Traces” by Cindy Lou Johnson and “Raised in Captivity” by Nicky Silver. The 24-hour reservation line is: (212) 501-2099 and email is

From an article in the Downtown Express


In a five-week repertory season, the graduating M.F.A. class of the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University is once again showing what this school teaches and what the graduates have learned after three years of study. Anyone with affection for theater would likely find the Actors Studio Drama School productions interesting. Some of the acting is memorable. Sets and costuming are professional. The plays and scenes range from the familiar to the offbeat, giving each of the acting students an opportunity to show their stuff. And it’s all free, though reservations are required.

This year’s graduating class consists of 31 actors, four directors and one playwright. They range in age from their early 20s to their late 40s. Their backgrounds are diverse. Among the actors are a U.S. Navy veteran, the daughter of a Japanese martial arts master, a Junior Olympic gymnast who is also a screenwriter and novelist, a Fulbright scholar, an opera singer who has performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Some have significant acting credits.

The Actors Studio Drama School program dates from 1994 when James Lipton, now Dean Emeritus, developed the curriculum with the assistance of some of the famed actors in the Actors Studio itself. Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel and Al Pacino are still mentors to the school and appear in the repertory season program.

Lipton resigned in 2005 and Andreas Manolikakis became the chairman of the school. “This is not training for a specific style. It’s training of the instrument so that the actor will be able to do whatever he’s asked to do,” Manolikakis said.

Everyone in the program takes acting classes. Directors and playwrights have additional instruction.

“You get a firsthand experience of what it’s like to be on stage so when you ask an actor to do something, you know exactly what they’re going through,” said Chris Triebel, one of the directors in this year’s graduating class.

The annual tuition for the program is $35,320. In addition, there are living expenses. “I figure it costs about $57,000 a year to go through the program,” said Michael Crowe, who turned to acting after having spent five years in the Navy, where he worked as a chef, followed by a couple of years in business school. But, he said, “I don’t view this as an expense. I view it as an investment…I feel a better man, artist, human, from being here,” he said. “In order to be an actor, you have to be so vulnerable. It’s a really sacred, safe place here.”

One of the interesting things about the repertory season is the opportunity to watch the actors and directors work on several plays and scenes. This week brings scenes from “Topdog/Underdog” by Suzan-Lori Parks, “Brilliant Traces” by Cindy Lou Johnson and “Raised in Captivity” by Nicky Silver.

Next week includes “The Voice of the Turtle” by John Van Druten, scenes from “Orange Flower Water” by Craig Wright and a scene from “Red Light Winter” by Adam Rapp.

The repertory season concludes the following week with a scene from “Fallen Angels” by Noël Coward, a new play, “All An Act” by Sean Michael Welch, the sole playwright in this year’s graduating class and already the recipient of several important awards, and scenes from “The Producers,” with a book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan and music and lyrics by Mel Brooks.

The performances take place in the theater at Dance New Amsterdam, 53 Chambers St., Wednesdays through Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 3 and 8 p.m. through April 28. The full schedule and information about plays, actors, directors and playwrights is online at Admission is free, but reservations must be made in advance by phone or email as seating is limited. The 24-hour reservation line is: (212) 501-2099 and email is