Chatham Courier: “Women’s drive helps canning company thrive”

Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, Director of Entrepreneurship@Lubin, shares insights about starting and growing a business in this tough economic climate.

The Shaker Mountain Canning Co is a women- owned food production and co-packing facility in New Lebanon, N.Y. in Columbia County. They made it through their first year and they said business is increasing.

Lisa Connell, a reporter for the Chatham Courier, reached out to Lubin’s Bruce Bachenheimer — clinical professor of management and the mastermind behind the annual Pace Pitch Contest in which contestants in the New Business Concept and Social Venture categories each have three minutes to make his/her pitch — and asked him:

  • What skills and knowledge does it take to be an entrepreneur, particularly if the owner and staff are female? 
  • What challenges may the woman entrepreneur face that a man does not?
  • Or, is it too simplistic to talk about succeeding as an entrepreneur along gender lines? 

According to Professor Bachenheimer, finding the right people and retaining them can actually be much more of a challenge than the idea for the business itself.

“It’s hard to identify them and even if you do, how do you recruit them?” asked Bachenheimer.  “Attracting, recruiting, training, retraining and delegating — all of these factors are key to an entrepreneurial venture,” Bachenheimer said during a telephone interview.

“It’s about people and innovation and truly growing the business,” he said.