The Broadsheet Daily: “The Repertory Season at Pace University”

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The Broadsheet Daily has promoted The Actors Studio Drama School’s 2012 MFA Repertory Season weekly to the Lower Manhattan community in its online event coverage.

(Pictured) Here’s a scene from Week Three “Brilliant Traces” by Cindy Lou Johnson. Directed by Chris Triebel, performed by Amie Lytle and Ollie Oliver. Photo credit:

The Repertory Season at Pace University
The Actors Studio Drama School presents its annual Repertory Season at Pace University, in five weeks of theatre designed to introduce our graduating students to the professional world and the public in fully-professional productions of the work they have created during their three years of study. Here you will witness a weekly series of scenes, one-act plays and full-length plays, some of them written by our playwrights, and all of them directed by our directors and acted by our actors. Free. Reservations recommended; call (212) 501-2099 or email: Through April 28. Wed-Fri 8pm. Sat 3pm & 8pm. “Photo Flash: The Actors Studio Drama School Performs TOPDOG/UNDERDOG, BRILLIANT TRACES, RAISED IN CAPTIVITY”

WEEK THREE (April 11 – 14) from The Actors Studio Drama School’s 2012 MFA Repertory Season brings tales of two brothers who hustle cards and take money from fools (“Topdog/Underdog”); a runaway bride and a recluse who forge a bond during an Alaskan blizzard (“Brilliant Traces”), and two estranged siblings who reunite at their mother’s funeral (“Raised in Captivity”). Free admission. RSVP: 212-501-2099;

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Week Three of The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University’s MFA Repertory Season (April 11 – 14) presents:

Scenes from the 2002 Pulitzer-Winning Drama Topdog/Underdog written by Suzan-Lori Parks. ARTISHA MANN and Crystal Thompson play two brothers, Lincoln and Booth respectively, who hustle cards and take money from fools. Lincoln, a master of the con game three-card monte, has abandoned a life of crime for a more respectable job impersonating Abraham Lincoln at an arcade. Booth is a petty thief who tries to emulate his older brother’s success by learning how to “throw the cards.” The brothers compete against each other, vying for control (think Cain & Abel). At any given moment, one may yield power over the other, only to relinquish it in the next. Directed by Colleen Britt.

The one-act play Brilliant Traces by Cindy Lou Johnson tells the story of Henry Harry (OLLIE OLIVER), a lonely man who has sworn off personal relationships to live an isolated existence in a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. As a blizzard rages outside, his seclusion is interrupted by Rosannah DeLuce (AMIE LYTLE), a distraught runaway bride from Arizona. Like Henry, she has been wounded and embittered by life, and wants to escape her responsibilities and get as far away from her loved ones as possible. Directed by Chris Triebel.

Scenes from Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver. The play, which received a Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding Play in 1995, explores the guilt and redemption in the lives of two estranged siblings – Sebastian Bliss (DANIEL J. O’BRIEN) and his twin sister, Bernadette Dixon (HEATHER BURGHER) – when they re-unite at their mother’s funeral. Dr. Hillary MacMahon (MARIANNE VIDAL) is Sebastian’s needy therapist. A convicted murderer on death row, Dylan (ADAM PETHERBRIDGE), is Sebastian’s pen pal and closet relationship in recent years. Kip, Bernadette’s dentist husband (PETER MARCIANO), hates teeth. Directed by Melody Erfani.

Further details: The 24-hour reservation line is: (212) 501-2099 and email is Free admission.

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