BNET (The CBS Interactive Business Network): “Advertising Reality Check: Are You Leading — Or Lying?”

“Customers are very aware that it’s a new day in advertising,” says Lubin Marketing Professor Paul Kurnit, co-author of “Breakthrough! A 7-Step System for Developing Unexpected and Profitable Ideas” (AMACOM Books). “We are living in a customer-centric world where advertisers are trying to connect with consumer lifestyle throughout the day in relevant touch points that resonate and matter.

“The fragmentation of media is an opportunity if the planning is thoughtful and the customer is put center stage,” Kurnit continues. “Consumers know they are being ‘targeted’ through multiple platforms in a myriad of ways. Done well, they delight in it. Done poorly, they resent the intrusion and potentially the brand.”

Who doesn’t want to be at the leading edge of advertising, using the latest and greatest methods to reach customers?

“Smart advertisers are beginning to integrate their messaging across various communications platforms and are breaking down the silos and distinctions between traditional and other media, like digital, social and buzz,” says Paul Kurnit, a marketing professor at Pace University in an article appearing on

But to a certain extent, it’s also the Wild West out there.  The line between leadership – pushing the boundaries of new media – and lying may not be so clear in this new world.