ASI Central – “Business-Building Strategies – Increase Your Profits in 2011”

Although experts have suggested small-business owners dump the deadweight, Professor Bachenheimer counsels against that.

“Firing bad customers indiscriminately is a dangerous move. Instead, keep the marginal clients – you never know when a small order or difficult customer might pay off handsomely down the road – but make them turn their drain on your company into a potential profit center.”

For example, Bachenheimer says, “when electronics retailer Best Buy noticed certain types of shoppers would buy a TV to watch the Super Bowl and return it the next day, the money it cost to service the returns and restock those items was a drain on its profits. So it started charging a restocking fee to discourage customers who had no intention of keeping the products they bought.”

Members of the largest media and marketing organization serving the Advertising Specialty Industry (ASI) receive tips on boosting profitability from Small Business Expert Bruce Bachenheimer –