The Journal News, News 12 and The Daily Pleasantville: Pleasantville’s Pace Gets Solar Classroom

Pace unveiled its new solar classroom, funded by Con Edison, and The Journal News, News 12 and The Daily Pleasantville reported on the event. (Left: Angelo Spillo, director of the Environmental Center at Pace, addresses the crowd at Thursday’s solar panel unveiling. Photo credit: Brian Marschhauser)

Pace unveiled its new solar classroom, thanks in part to a grant from Con Edison, and The Journal News, News 12, The Daily Pleasantville and reported on the event.

From The Daily Pleasantville:

Sunny skies aptly shined down on the Pace University campus Thursday afternoon as its Environmental Center celebrated the opening of its new solar-powered classroom.

“Can you feel the electricity being made?” said Angelo Spillo, director of the Environmental Center.

The panels were funded by Con Edison, which awarded Pace with a $15,000 grant as part of its effort to expand solar development in New York. A similar initiative was also signed into action by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday.

“A lot of times we have so much dialogue and you see much going on back and forth as far as solar industry and solar power at this point,” said County Legislator Michael Smith. “A lot of what you read is just the talk. This is the doing, and we need more doing and we need less talk.”

While the solar panels will help the center save money on its electrical bill, Spillo said that was not the motivation behind its installation. The equipment will instead be used as a teaching tool.

“One of the things we wanted to do was keep this equipment visible,” Spillo said. “If you were doing it in a home, you would want to hide it, you would want to put it in the basement, it’s kind of unsightly. In our case, we want our students to see it.”

Helping to design the conversion was William Misicka, a senior student in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences’ Environmental Studies Program at Pace. Misicka performed research on solar energy and went on a solar site survey with a contracting company.

“This is a virus, it’s a good virus, and this is how it spreads. Congratulations to Pace on your accomplishment,” said Smith. “Let the sun shine.”

From The Journal News:

“The university opened its solar classroom – a former cottage that now has solar panels on the roof – this afternoon (Wednesday). Con Edison supported the project as part of its commitment to promoting education and environmental awareness in Westchester County and New York City.

“The solar classroom at Pace University will help us spread our message about the environmental and economic benefits of solar power,” said Frances A. Resheske, Con Edison’s senior vice president for Public Affairs. “The incentives government agencies are offering make this a great time for customers to consider whether they can cut their energy bills by using solar energy.”

The Con Edison grant allowed Pace to add solar panels to a building in its Environmental Center. The panels provide 1.5 kilowatts of electricity to the building.

Hundreds of Pace students and visitors use the classroom each year. The university plans to use the classroom to show that solar power can be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

William Misicka, a student in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences’ Environmental Studies program, designed the conversion.”

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