U.S. News & World Report: “Amidst M.B.A. Inflation, Executives Recommend Business Doctorates”

Students who choose to supplement their graduate work may benefit from an evolving doctoral business field, which increasingly caters to students who want to work in industry rather than academia.

Some say that business-related Ph.D.’s and D.B.A.’s provide the exclusivity M.B.A.’s once offered.

Admission to doctoral programs is very competitive, and many doctoral students and executives recommend that students get practical work experience between graduate school and doctoral applications, writes Menachem Wecker, education reporter at U.S.News & World Report in an article on doctorate degrees which featured one of Pace’s recent DPS graduates.

Andrew Forte, president of Forte, Inc., which operates the Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg, Pa., recommends a doctorate to aspiring executives. Forte says that whereas M.B.A. programs teach students the tools and methods of how to do things, doctoral programs train students to understand why situations arise in organizations. 

“When I finished my M.B.A., I wanted to know more [and get] more perspective,” he says. Forte has also been able to leverage his doctorate to land positions on boards of local nonprofits and corporations—something that he says he wouldn’t have been able to do with just an M.B.A. 

Students who are considering a doctorate can prepare by getting used to heavy academic reading and demanding schedules, and by laying some groundwork in statistics, says Forte, who holds a doctor of professional studies from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.