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The Journal News covered a recent Pace Athletics event featuring Daniel “Rudy” Ruettinger, subject of the inspirational 1993 film “Rudy.” (Left: Daniel Ruettiger, right, presents Will McVeigh, a member of the Pace University football team, with a photo while speaking on Wednesday. / Seth Harrison/The Journal News)

The Journal News covered a recent Pace Athletics event featuring Daniel “Rudy” Ruettinger, subject of the inspirational 1993 film “Rudy.”

From The Journal News:

As Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger greeted the crowd at the Goldstein Health, Fitness and Recreation Center on Wednesday at Pace University, he apologized.

Ruettiger’s flight from Baltimore to New York, normally a 45-minute trip, took 10 hours.

“If I look tired, I am,” Ruettiger told the crowd.

The speech was part of a tour for his newest book “Rudy: My Story.”

Ruettiger gained worldwide fame when his journey as a walk-on for Notre Dame’s football team was documented in the 1993 film “Rudy”.

For 30 minutes Ruettiger spoke to the crowd of approximately 300 about being willing to dream and not taking things for granted.

With most of the attendees students at the university, Ruettiger touched on the cost of going to college and making it worth their while.

“Be accountable for your investment,” Ruettiger told the group. “Education isn’t about education, but about inspiration.”

After a short question-and-answer period, Ruettiger signed copies of his book that details his life before, during and after the film.

“The book is written so hopefully people will learn lessons and get a purpose,” Ruettiger said before his speech.

“There was never a book written about the movie or how the movie was made or the real story of how I got to Notre Dame, so we put it all in there.”

Ruettiger feels the book will attract not just a fan of the movie, but anyone looking to be inspired.

“The book is also for the underdog type of person,” Ruettiger said. “We all go through this. You don’t just roll out of bed and not have issues.”

The epitome of an underdog, Ruettiger said he hopes to help the students realize the potential they have within themselves as opposed to lecturing them.

“It’s more discovery,” Ruettiger said of his talks. “You never want to tell someone what to do.”

As expected, many of the attendees were there to see the legend from the big screen in real life.

“The movie and the story, that was the reason we came,” said Suzan Dapolito of Matawan, N.J. “It’s such an inspirational story.”

The 64-year-old Ruettiger admitted he still doesn’t know what he wants to do.

“Some already know what they want to do; some want to be doctors or accountants because they think that’s what their parents are doing and that’s what they’re told, and we have to be somebody,” Ruettiger said. “But what’s you’re dream?”

Underdog Rudy still inspires others, hopes to help students realize potential | The Journal News | |

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