Post war Sri Lanka needs trust and confidence for peace and reconciliation

Political science professor Emily Welty’s visit to Sri Lanka this summer is being picked up by international news sites. (Left: Children of war victims in a shelter run by the Anglican Church in Kilinochi, Sri Lanka.)

A blog of the World Council of Churches reports that Pace political science professor Emily Welty, PhD, observed on her trip this summer to Sri Lanka that, “Although there are development initiatives taking places in many areas, the war-affected local communities feel that it is too limited and it needs greater participation by local communities in developing sustained peace and reconciliation rather than a military-controlled approach in development”.

Welty, a professor of Peace Studies at Pace said, “any post war reconciliation can be achieved only through active participation of affected communities in peace and reconciliation, but the people in post war northern Sri Lanka need to feel and experience trust and confidence as they continue to live in a vulnerable situation”.

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Post war Sri Lanka needs trust and confidence for peace and reconciliation.

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