BusinessNewsDaily: “Five Technologies Your Business Should Be Using”

Looking to promote your business? Lubin Professor Paul Kurnit recommends the “very viral” Pinterest, which allows users to organize and share images of things they love on virtual boards, similar to a collage or scrapbook.

What is the latest technology you can use to boost your business?

Pinterest. This is essentially an online scrapbooking site, where people use virtual pinboards to group and post favorite images, including those of weddings, home decor, favorite recipes and more. 

“It is the new darling of the Internet, but businesses have not really tapped into its potential,” said Paul Kurnit, marketing professor at Pace University, in an interview with Kim Zimmerman of BusinessNewsDaily. “It is 80 percent female, but it is very viral and a younger audience.”

While the site is female-oriented at the moment, Kurnit added it could easily attract a more male audience, who might “pin” pictures of cars or the latest tech-gadgets they want. 

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