“Loveland actor – and Pace Musical Theater Major – works his way onto ‘CSI'”

Beau Cybulski, a musical theater major at Pace University’s campus in New York City, made his TV debut on “CSI: Miami” Sunday, January 29.

Beau Cybulski didn’t mind eating Domino’s pizza on Thanksgiving, because he was in Los Angeles to make his national TV debut on “CSI: Miami,” airing tonight.

“They flew me out there,” Cybulski told writer Chuck Gibson of the Loveland Herald weekly. “I actually got to go sit on set all day. I got to get a feel for everything and learn how everything works on set. It was really, really cool.”

The 2010 Loveland High School graduate, now a musical theater major at Pace University in New York, plays Cameron Locke, the son of the murdered skydiver on the show (10 p.m. today, Channel 12).

Last year, Cybulksi contacted the show, which is produced by Loveland High School graduate Ann Donahue.

He sent producers a video audition, but was told they “wanted someone older,” said Cybulski.

The young actor came home this weekend for his 20th birthday Friday to watch the show with his family.

“Three weeks later they actually sent over another part,” he said. “It was more specific for me, my age and my type. That one I ended up getting.”

CBS’ description for the “Terminal Velocity” episode simply says:

“When a skydiver is murdered, the CSIs discover that he has more than 100 children and all of them are suspects.”

In high school, Cybulski starred in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” sang with Loveland Show Choirs and performed in “Don’t Stop the Music” at King’s Island.

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