The Journal News: Kudos to Pace U. for booze stance |

A Yonkers resident praises associate vice president for general services Frank McDonald for Pace’s tought stance on alcohol misuse and abuse in a letter in The Journal News.

Re “Pace takes holistic approach on booze,” Sept. 25 letter:

I certainly agree that college safety is taken for granted. Unfortunately, because of the greed of bars in the vicinity of colleges and the attitude of university administrators not giving these young men and women the information they need to behave in a responsible and adult manner, often the students don’t. I have heard that imparting this kind of instruction to students regarding safety in terms of alcohol use and partying is referred to as “babysitting.” Thank you Frank P. McDonald, associate vice president for general services at Pace University, and Pace University for taking the initiative and doing the right thing. They are not allowing our society to dictate what they want, as opposed to what is right.

We have recently seen a number of unfortunate incidences when alcohol has been misused with dire consequences, including the disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierer.

Isidore Farber


Kudos to Pace U. for booze stance | The Journal News |


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