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Pace law professor John Nolon contributed an Op-ed to The Journal News on solutions to problems caused by major storms such as Hurricane Irene.

An Op-ed by law professor John Nolon was published by The Journal News.

From the article:

“News coverage of the damage wrought by tropical storms Irene and Lee and the Editorial Board’s recent panel discussion on the topic described a perfect storm caused by a rapidly changing physical, financial and political environment.”

“At our law school, through the work of the Land Use Law Center, we are highlighting countless examples of local governments developing sustainable plans, incentives and regulations, guided by intelligent state and federal policies that accomplish these results. These efforts progress despite appeals for less government regulation and spending because they respond to real local problems that cannot be ignored.

Such efforts are not designed to respond to the most recent voter opinion poll, but they are clear-headed, market-realistic, and serious strategies that accord with the greatest American ethic of all: that of being problem solvers in the face of crisis.”

Nolon is professor of law, Pace Law School, and counsel to the Pace Land Use Law Center. He is the author of the book, “Losing Ground: A Nation on Edge,” published in 2007 in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

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