WebMD: “Coming Out as a LGBT Teen”

Coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender can be tough at any age, but teens have a lot more to think about. Is it safe to come out at school? Will your mom or dad reject you? Will you be kicked out of the house?

If you’ve spent the past few months or years figuring out that you’re gay, bisexual or transgender, you may want to tell someone else. You want to be true to who you are.  How can you do that safely and with support?

“You need to be firm in your own identity and work through some of the issues you might have with your sexuality first,” says Regina Hund, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Pace University Counseling Center in New York, in a WebMD feature story. “It’ll be easier to allow other people to go through their process of understanding if you are comfortable with yourself first. You’ll be less vulnerable to rejection.”

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