College PreView: COVER STORY – “LEADERS WANTED How to become the leader employers will want”

Lubin Professor Bruce Bachenheimer discusses the importance of leadership skill building in College PreView, a high school publication targeting college-bound juniors and seniors.

Putting Leadership Skills into Action
“To position themselves for a valuable career, college students need to demonstrate how they can add value to a prospective employer,” says Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management and director of entrepreneurship at Pace University, in the May/June issue of College PreView (pages 37-40). “They need to be able to solve problems creatively and to effectively implement solutions in a rapidly changing environment. To accomplish this, they will need to think entrepreneurially and take on a leadership role early in their career.”

“The role of a leader is to take people to a new place, to inspire them to do something they otherwise would not have done or even thought they could do,” adds Bachenheimer. “Think about how you can inspire fellow students and motivate them to take action!”

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