The New Yorker blog, Investor’s Business Daily and others: “IBM’s Watson Aims Far Beyond ‘Jeopardy’ Matchup”

Professor Darren Hayes is quoted in multiple articles about a Jeopardy game show which tests man against machine (IBM’S Watson supercomputer). Hayes showcases his knowledge of homeland security and computer forensics.

From the Investor’s Business Daily ( article:

Darren Hayes, computer information systems program chairman at New York’s Pace University, adds national defense to the list. Hayes is not connected with IBM or Watson, but based on his expertise in computer forensics and homeland security, he says the technology could significantly assist in that arena.

“The focus (on homeland security) has been on information gathering — license plates, credit card transactions, Internet activity, flight manifests, telephone records, bank transactions, and so on — for millions of people. Synthesizing those terabytes of information is tremendously challenging,” Hayes said, adding that Watson can pull together these vast amounts of data much faster than earlier technology.

Hayes’ knowledge and expertise was also used in The New Yorker blog, and the Seattle Weekly blog.

Since December, Hayes has been sought after by multiple media, from CNN and Fox News to Government Executive Magazine, for views on other topics including the security of federal computer systems and Wikileaks.

Check out Pace’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems here.

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