The Washington Times – “How Hollywood shaped Gipper”

President Reagan’s Hollywood tenure helped shape his character, refine his communication skills and hone negotiating tactics that would serve him — and the country — well during his two-term presidency.

Being a familiar presence on both the big and small screen usually worked to his advantage, said Christopher C. Presley, director of professional development for the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. “When you’ve seen an actor in so many roles, you feel like you have an intimacy with them,” Mr. Presley said.

For Reagan, acting allowed him to convey the sense of self he wanted, the one that fit the needs of a given moment.

“A trained actor knows good acting is the honest expression of themselves within a given set of circumstances,” Mr. Presley said. “A bad actor will play an idea or type, a stereotype, without even realizing it. A good actor will put themselves in the circumstance and let whatever’s unique about them come out.”

Timed to the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan, How Hollywood shaped Gipper looks back at his acting ability, best/worst roles, leadership of the Screen Actors Guild and how his acting resume shaped his political ascent.

1 thought on “The Washington Times – “How Hollywood shaped Gipper””

  1. Are conservatives merely fighting a hostile takeover by Hollywood?

    I’ve been summing up the whole “jist” of the left’s agenda. It doesn’t seem to be about any of what it claims to be. Only just a charade to cover the truth. That truth being a separation into two classes…one class being the totally elite; celebrities, and the other being the remaining mass of people fit snugly into a drab existence where the only way out is to become “elite” as well. The odds of such a thing happening to an individual being about the same as winning the lottery.

    I don’t think anyone will be allowed to live above a certain level as that let’s some of the sheep out of the corral which deprives the elite of the full compliment of wool at shearing time.

    I truly don’t believe that we’ve watched Hollywood and the Elite descend on “our” capital for no reason. What we are seeing is a changing of the guard.

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