Wall Street Journal and Fast Company: “Report Faults Nonprofits on Service”

Hundreds of New York’s social-service organizations are short-changing the people they are supposed to serve by focusing on money-making schemes, according to a report released Wednesday by Pace. The report triggered a media flurry.

Rebecca Tekula


A media flurry was triggered by this morning’s story in the “Greater New York” section of the Wall Street Journal on a report from the Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship by its director, Rebecca Tekula. The report was implicitly critical of agencies that have money-making side businesses, mentioning Covenant House, the American Foundation for the Blind, the Boy Scouts of America, the Doe Fund, and God’s Love We Deliver.

The website of the Nonprofit Quarterly picked up the story, and it was tweeted by us and them. Other media have said they are likely to be doing stories of their own in the future

Editor in Chief of The Nonprofit Quarterly, Ruth McCambridge, added an editorial comment: “NPQ appreciates Tekula’s willingness to ask hard questions about this practice which is so widely promoted. And we absolutely agree that it needs further study.”


Additional coverage of the Wilson Center study of nonprofit organizations’ side businesses include a Fast Company write-up.

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