Investor’s Business Daily: “Plan To Refresh Resolutions”

Your New Year’s resolution seemed solid. Now it’s February and you’ve lost your motivation. Refresh.

By now, many of us have abandoned, or at least downgraded, our expectations for what we will do to change our lives in 2012.

Amy Alexander,¬† writing for Investor’s Business Daily, sought¬†tips from goal-setting experts such as Pace’s Dr. Richard Shadick on how to reframe, or possibly even leverage, the slump that can happen in February when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

Get smart. “Most resolutions go awry because people do not think through what it takes to reach a goal,” said psychologist Richard Shadick, director of Pace University’s Counseling Center in New York City. “Instead of telling yourself ‘I am going to lose weight and be healthy next year,’ it is better to say ‘I will lose 5 pounds by March 15th by walking for 20 minutes three days a week and no longer drinking soda.'”

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