The Times Herald: “Actress-singer Geri Brown strives to follow family to Broadway”

Geri Brown graduates this month from Pace University in New York City, where for the past four years she’s studied musical theater. An aspiring third-generation Broadway actor, Brown said, “I grew up in that environment of theater and dance. Ever since I was little I knew that’s what I would do.”

For a student working to build her resumé in the big city, Geri Brown told her Collegeville, PA, hometown newspaper she’s been “really fortunate,” adding, “I go to school in New York — it would be silly not to audition and work.”

“My mom and grandmom were both dancers on Broadway, and I’m an actress-singer. ”

Over the past few years Brown has participated in multiple readings of new works and acted in shows that were part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival and the New York International Fringe Festival.

The Fringe Festival was where she first performed in Tales from the Tunnel. Later, in 2010, when the play opened Off-Broadway at 45 Bleecker Street, Brown was asked to join the cast, which featured Tony Award-winning actor Wilson Jermaine Heredia, who played Angel in Rent on Broadway and in the film version.

Brown said right now, as graduation approaches, she’s “looking to get into TV and film.”

She was recently cast in a new, “ultra-low budget” feature independent film called Tucht, in which she plays the lead character at age 16.

“We haven’t started shooting yet, but I’m really excited because one of the stars from Goodfellas is in it (Joe D’Onofrio).”

Her advice to youth interested in pursuing careers in the arts: “Just know who you are. What I’ve learned about theater is that talent is great, but it’s about dedication and knowing who you are and how to market yourself. You have to have talent but it’s also a lot about persistence.”

Since moving to NYC at 18, Brown said she’s been running around every day, always running.

“I haven’t had the normal college experience, but it’s good because now I’m set.  {By auditioning and working} I’ve set up a chain of events to occur after I graduate.  I’ve had four years to get my act together and now I’m a flower — I planted those seeds freshman year and now I get to go out there and bloom.”