U.S.News & World Report: “5 Creative Ways to Cut Airfare Costs”

. . . Andrew Coggins, a clinical professor of management at Pace University, teaches courses in subjects like tourism management, but he doesn’t stay in the classroom year-round. Every year, he goes on 30 to 70 flights, and he suggests that if you’re on a long flight, taking two different airlines is often cheaper.

Professional Mariner: “After blackouts, cruise lines say they will install more backup power”

. . . Standard emergency systems normally are designed to ensure enough power to accomplish lifesaving activities only, said Andrew Coggins, a former chief engineer who is a cruise industry researcher at Pace University.

Baltimore Sun: “Cruise passengers return to Baltimore after harrowing voyage”

. . . Andrew Coggins, a Pace University professor specializing in the travel and hospitality industries, said cruise lines need to do everything in their power to woo the public. Giving inconvenienced Grandeur passengers full refunds and certificates for a future cruise is a smart move, he said.

Washington Post: “Avoid swiping into this credit-card trap”

. . . if you want to avoid extra fees, “the most effective way to pay is either with cash in the local currency or make sure that your charges are in the local currency,” says Andrew Coggins, who teaches international management and hospitality and tourism management at Pace University.

Professional Mariner: “Although it has redundant engine rooms, cruise ship lost almost all power due to fire”

. . . Engineering officers usually ensure that fuel lines are inspected frequently because of the risk that this type of fire can pose, said Andrew Coggins, a former Navy chief engineer who is now a cruise industry scholar at Pace University.

Los Angeles Times: “Carnival to upgrade fleet in wake of Triumph debacle”

. . . The investment will bring Carnival’s older ships in line with recent standards that require cruise ships built in the last few years to provide passengers with working bathrooms, ventilation and other basic services in the event of an accident, said Andrew O. Coggins, Jr., a professor of management at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business in New York.

Cruise Critic: “Cruise Bill of Rights has Flaws”

. . . “The Airline Passenger Bill of Rights applies to U.S. airlines and planes, U.S. and foreign flag, [that fly into] U.S. airports,” Dr. Andrew O. Coggins Jr., told Cruise Critic. Coggins is a professor of management at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business and specializes in cruise industry and travel and tourism management.

TravelAgentCentral.com: “Experts Weigh in on Senator Charles Schumer’s Call for A Cruise Passenger ‘Bill of Rights'”

“A ‘bill of rights’ for cruise passengers, as suggested by Sen. Charles Schumer, would have to go through the IMO or the international organization that governs international tickets,” said Andrew O. Coggins, Jr., Clinical Professor of Management at Pace’s Lubin School of Business.

USA Today: “Cruise industry braces for rough waters after Triumph”

. . .”(The industry) is strictly regulated. Ships are foreign-flagged because of labor and cost issues. But the safety certification comes from independent classification societies and that’s what enables ships to get insurance,” explained cruise industry expert Andrew Coggins Jr., a professor of management at Pace University’s Lubin School of Business in New York.

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