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MacNewsWorld: “Apple’s Q1 Beats Wall Street, but Breaks a Profit Streak”

. . . Despite all the rumors, the campaign against Cook isn’t likely to result in him looking for new work. It is an indication, thought, that some Apple investors, analysts and fans are irritated, said Joseph Pastore, professor Emeritus at Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

“This is not about the merits of Tim Cook,” he told MacNewsWorld. “This is about a classic moment in which a fundamentally talented leader finds himself, and his firm, in the midst of the proverbial perfect storm.”

The storm, in this case, is a tech industry that is relatively strong, but Apple hasn’t recently proved it’s the undisputed leader. Investors want to see a strong next-generation iPhone and a more stable stock price, said Pastore.

“Given the disruptive nature of the industry and the temporary advantage firms are likely to have, this is a moment where faith in Apple has waned,” he noted. “Yes, sales are strong, but sales are the result of yesterday’s decisions, and confidence in this industry is built not on what a firm has done, but what it is likely to do.”

It also doesn’t help that Cook had big shoes to fill, Pastore added.

“Tim Cook is still in the shadows of Steve Jobs, adding more weight to the adage, ‘Never follow Lombardi, always follow Lombardi’s successor.’ It’s not fair, but it is so.”

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