MacNewsWorld: “Supply Chain Snags Weigh Down Apple’s Stock”

. . . “Entrepreneurial-minded individuals taking a de facto leave from Apple may actually be beneficial to the firm,” Joseph Pastore, professor emeritus at Lubin School of Business at Pace University, told MacNewsWorld. “If they hit upon a new direction, they will need the financial and brand strength of the established firm to make it work. Sometimes innovation is spurred more by allowing entrepreneurially-minded individuals to separate from the more bureaucratic, permanent organization and go off on their own, less impeded by organizational constraints and politics.”

Losing talent isn’t a concern that is specific to Apple, Pastore pointed out. It’s a popular Silicon Valley refrain, and Apple won’t let it dictate how the company operates going forward.

“There will always be shifting competition, and the intensely entrepreneurial nature of the sector will always have shifting alliances and changing personalities. To the extent that is happening at Apple, it is no surprise, nor should we see it as a game changer. Apple won’t let that happen”

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