The Journal News: Friedlander case shows signs of ‘familicide’

Criminal justice chair Joseph Ryan is quoted in an article in The Journal News on murder-suicide in the wake of a family tragedy in Westchester.

In an article about Sam Friedlander, who killed his family and himself, The Journal News reports that observers noted he possessed a kind and gentle side. But his actions tell a different story.

From the article:

Criminologists and domestic-violence experts have different theories on what would drive a man to such tragic extremes. They agree, however, that often it is the least-suspecting people who commit such heinous crimes.

“Ten times out of 10 there is no history of domestic violence. These men are so good at controlling their lives and how it appears to everybody,” said Joseph Ryan, chairman of the Criminal Justice Department at Pace University and a former domestic-violence expert for the New York Police Department. “The perception on the outside appears to be normal but we don’t know the dynamics inside the household. Most of the time we don’t know until it’s too late.”

Read the full article here.

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