The Westchester County Business Journal: Law Grads Struggle to Find Jobs

“While national indicators have shown signs of dimming job prospects and declining starting salaries for law school graduates, local law schools report their students have been largely successful in finding employment.” – The Westchester County Business Journal

Positive placement results for Pace Law graduates were at the top of a story in the Westchester County Business Journal about law graduates finding jobs.

From the Westchester County Business Journal:

“It is clear that apart from the recession, there are probably going to be fewer jobs for associate attorneys in the future,” said Gary Munneke, a professor at Pace University School of Law and a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). Despite that, Munneke said that he was not overly worried, calling the legal profession “very elastic.”

“I take a very broad view of what lawyers can do with a law degree,” he said. “Legal skills are particularly useful in a lot of different endeavors. It’s probably the most versatile degree.”

The NALP findings come as the New York Times recently estimated that from 2010 through 2015 there would be 2,100 job openings for attorneys each year in New York state. Compared with the 9,700-plus people who passed the New York bar exam in 2009, the Times report listed New York as having the largest “lawyer surplus” of any state.

At the Pace University School of Law in White Plains, data collected from NALP databases and from the Princeton Review show over 90 percent of those who graduated in the class of 2010 were employed within nine months. (That mark did not specify the number employed in jobs that required passage of the bar exam.)

Of those who were employed, 42 percent were working in the private practice, 18 percent were working in business-related positions, 18 percent were working in academic positions, and 10 percent were working in government positions, among other areas.

According to the Princeton Review, 85 percent of Pace Law graduates pass the bar exam on their first attempt, with the average annual starting salary for graduates listed at $88,693.

The law school has not observed any significant changes in the numbers of graduates going into private practice work, according to Lauren Rubenstein, media relations manager at Pace Law.

In light of the tough job market, Rubenstein said that Pace Law recently expanded its Center for Career Development, rebranding it as the Center for Career and Professional Development to reflect the various uses of a law degree.

The new office will use various technologies, workshops and programs “to instill in students a deep sense of professionalism necessary to practice law successfully after graduation,” Rubenstein said in an email.

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  1. The problems that most graduates encounter does not only end in the lack of available jobs. It includes violations done on the labor law especially with companies who exploit their employees by not providing them with their rightful benefits. This is made possible since they instill to their workers that the job they have is the only offer around.

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