The New York Times: “Who Made This Mess of Planet Earth”

Andrew C. Revkin’s association with Pace was mentioned in the author’s note to his favorable review of “Here On Earth” in the July 17th New York Times Book Review.

Andrew C. Revkin, the senior fellow for environmental understanding at Pace University, favorably reviews “Here On Earth”  in his Dot Earth blog for the Opinion Pages of while commenting on today’s environmental situation.

From the article:

An overwhelming majority of scientists agree that humans have upended hosts of ecosystems and are exerting a growing and potentially calamitous influence on the climate. Some, perhaps in response to public indifference, have a tendency to push beyond the data in arguing for action. “Here on Earth” places Flannery in this group. I had a moment, about halfway in, when I was ready to give up in the face of overheated descriptions of environmental problems. But I stuck it out and was heartened to see Flannery abandon the rhetoric of shame and woe and turn to a more reasoned assessment of a young, intelligent species that finds itself in quite a predicament. After all, it’s not easy being the first life-form to become both a planet-scale force and — ever so slowly and uncomfortably — aware of that fact. That awareness is in its early stages and, as Flannery notes, “infancy is the most dangerous period of life.”

Read the full article in The New York Times.

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